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My Birthing Story #3

They say “Third time’s a charm”. While its true that our third and only baby girl is charming literally (haha!), my experience on this third Cesarean operation is different from the first 2.

Those who follow me in Facebook and Instagram know that we had a false alarm earlier the week we were scheduled to have the CS Operation. But I wasn’t dilated yet and was advised to do normal chores and wait ’till the weekend comes for the original plan.

Weekend came. Left our 2 boys with their grandma at our house (Thank You, Lord, for grandmas and helpers). I was feeling normal, no contractions just the usual heaviness of the big tummy. I far as computation goes, I was 38 weeks and 1 day that day (July 29). I admitted myself while my husband looked for a parking. We got the CS Package of Cardinal Santos, this was around 57K inclusive of a small private room, OR/DR/Neonatal charges for 4 days. If you have PhilHealth and SSS, better. They’ll still deduct them just present necessary documents. We were charged the whole amount for deposit already before we knew we would have to wait for a small private room to be available. My OB already texted me and told me to go to the Delivery Room to prepare for the operation. So I again, went by myself to the DR, while the husband waits for a room. Fast forward, we were put in a regular room which was bigger than the small private because of availability purposes. I consider this a blessing from God, He made sure we were comfortable 🙂

Here’s a detailed procedure of what they did to me ( I am hoping I won’t forget anything, this will be a great help for moms who’ll have their CS Operation the first time or have been through the operation but forgot all about the procedure)

  1. Delivery Room.
  • I was strapped for NST (Non-stress test) for quite a time. Residents, nurses (a lot of them) kept coming back to ask me information about myself and my medical history. It helps to keep track of the tests you’ve done or medicines you took or any condition you had during your whole pregnancy. I was bombarded with a lot of questions, good thing I have a little medical background of the terms and I was keen enough to tell them every single detail I can remember. It helped them treat me accordingly since I was borderline GDM (Gestational Diabetes Mellitus)
  • Skin Test and IV Insertion. The 2 that I hated the most pre-op. Skin test is to test if you have allergies in the antibiotic/s they’ll give during the procedure. A small needle will be inserted in your subcutaneous skin and it stings a lot, i tell you, to make a bleb (a bubble underneath your skin). They’ll encircle using a pen and will write down the time the administered the drug. If redness or rashes appear, it means you are allergic to the drug. Good thing for me, I was clear of allergies. For the IV insertion, I requested for a doctor but I guess no one heard me so a resident came and thank God, he hit the right vein so he didn’t have to re-insert because it was really painful. They had to give me a larger tube cos I will be given medicines all throughout the operation.
  • Change of gown. Nothing underneath you. Make sure you don’t cellphone or any valuable inside the delivery room anymore.

2. Operating Room

  • First, kudos to my OR nurse, she is super nice and kept me really comfortable and calm the whole time before I got groggy. (I forgot to ask her name)
  • Anesthesiologist came. She was my special request because I barely felt anything on the first 2 CS operations. She was sweet and calm and just very informative about what she’s doing with me. But this time around, she had a hard time getting the right spot on my spinal column. The bending or baby position part was the hardest here because I really cannot bend more than I bended already so a guy doctor had to help me so my back would arch like a C. Finally after 3 tries, she got it already. I was already praying and singing worship songs as I was beginning to feel so uncomfortable. But before I knew it, i felt pins and needles and heaviness on my lower body. The resident anesthesiologist had her needle ready to test if the drug was working. I think my body took around 5 minutes to be totally numb. When I said I can’t feel anything anymore, they started with the procedure.
  • I was wheeled in maybe 15 minutes before 2 pm and baby came out at 2:14PM. That was fast! It has always been fast. As soon as my drapes were up, they called in Ice to cut the cord (he cut the boys’ as well) , take photos and follow Liana to the nursery where they cleaned and bathed her. It’s his prerogative to follow our babies so to make sure there will be no mix up. I think I was the only one in the OR that time so less worries for us. 😉
  • During the closing or suturing part, I felt chills. I had chills on the 2 previous and I hated it more than the labor. I couldn’t stand the fact that I cannot feel anything but i was having chills on the upper part of my body in which i cannot control. It was torture to me. Maybe my anesthesiologist  saw that i was beginning to get agitated  so she administered something that helped me relax. Then I fell asleep. In between the suturing, I keep on waking up, i felt it was taking them forever to close me up. My anesthesiologist kept on reassuring me that it’ll be over soon. So I think I slept throughout the final closing of my tummy
  • I stayed in the recovery room for 7 hours until the doctors cleared me to go to my room with our baby girl

Basically, that’s what happens during the whole CS operation. Recovery for me was fast but it was the most painful, maybe because its the 3rd time and I’m older now compared to my 2 previous operations. Although I was able to stand up and walk in less than 24 hours, I still consider this the hardest, even in breastfeeding (will share my experience in another post).

Hope this post helps! Shoot me up a comment if you have questions or anything to share regarding your birthing experience 🙂

Sharing my going home photo with our little princess, Liana Noelle 🙂



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